The future of books, today

An interesting article which popped up in the British newspaper The Guardian today, about the e-book revolution.

The future of books, today | Books |

From the comments from readers, it appears that the public are generally feeling positive about the trend, and that the explosion of self-published content is not an issue. I can fully understand why conventional publishers are feeling nervous though: I imagine that for them to maintain any kind of brand loyalty, they are going to need to produce bestsellers with almost every release.

But also a couple of messages for us authors:

1) Make sure your work is really well proofread before it hits the cyber shelves, or you risk just irritating your readers, and ;

2) If you want anyone to find your work, it sounds like we’re going to have to put in the hard yards when it comes to differentiating our books, and making them easy for people to find.

Does anyone have any suggestions of great strategies to do this?

My forthcoming novel ‘The Artemis Effect’ is perhaps a classic example of this: it’s science fiction of a sort, but not the hard line robots and space travel type. Think more John Wyndham and you’re getting closer. But how to differentiate this? Or indeed any novels which are best categorised under ‘General Fiction’?


5 thoughts on “The future of books, today

  1. One key is just simple networking
    I’d recomend going book festivals and fairs. And since you write sci-fi, definitely go to a sci-fi con and spread around and network. The sci-fi community is really close so you should exploit it.

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