My soul on show

Connor Sinclair - Major Tom 2011

…and lots of other peoples too! This weekend, some of my artwork will be appearing in the Linden Gallery‘s postcard show. The only limit on the artwork was that it should be less than 30 x 30 x 30cm.

From my experience of the drop off day, I can say that there is a huge range of work on show, and that much of it is amazing! I feel I will be seriously outclassed, but it’s nice to be involved.

The exhibition opens at 1pm on the 4th of February, at 26 Ackland St, St Kilda, Melbourne.

I have two works on show: they are both called ‘Untitled’, as you had to register months before I had done the work! However, one is an acrylic of a marsupial woman, and the other a pen-and-ink of a Korean president laughing. I would include images of them here, but I forgot to record them before they went off to the gallery. If I take some pictures, I’ll post them on here over coming weeks.

So – the innermost representations of my subconscious on view to the public… it will be an interesting feeling I think. There is something more of a screen between author and reader than between painter and viewer, at least from the painters point of view I feel, as the work is less refined, and more a bolt straight from the unconscious.

Do you feel that you bear your soul more writing? Or in artwork?


Please let me know your thoughts

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