The Ten Mistakes Writers Don’t See

I had thought that my novel, ‘The Artemis Effect’ was just about to hit the shelves – that it was on the brink there, and just a matter of weeks before it toppled into the great world of Indie publishing. However, my little team of helpers, who I cannot thank enough, have suggested that it needs some major structural changes, and I can’t help but feel a little…deflated.

Photo by Jason Pfiefer

As Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit fame) said, ‘The bounce has gone out of his bungy.’

I absolutely subscribe to the principal that it should be as good as it possibly can be before it is launched on the unsuspecting public, and I’m willing to put in those final hard yards, don’t get me wrong. But fundamentally, I’m not really terribly good at patience!

In order to help out anyone else going through that final edit, please check out this link:

The Ten Mistakes « Holt Uncensored – Pat Holt on Books, Book Publishing Industry, Reviews.

He has some great suggestions in there that are well worth looking out for such as:

  • Repeat‘ words (which are those one we use a lot in our own speech, I suspect),
  • Absolutely, totally ‘Empty adverbs
  • Phony dialogue – particularly ‘trendy’ dialogue. I read a great suggestion recently that you should read out all of your dialogue, and change it until it sounds real.
  • Show, don’t tell. A really powerful one this, and well worth deep consideration.

So, I hope some of these help with your writing journey. My journey seems to have come to a mountain, but maybe when I start climbing it will turn out to be a molehill after all.


8 thoughts on “The Ten Mistakes Writers Don’t See

  1. Thank you – I’m going through the final revisions of my book too even though I keep thinking it should be done by now so I know what you mean by feeling a bit deflated at times. It sounds like you’re almost there though – keep going so that I can read it!

  2. thinking about the mistakes mentioned – i look at the spelling and grammar on my recent posts here… i just shot my spell checker!

    great advice – thanks for sharing.

    i hope you book circling the globe in the very near future.

  3. show, don’t tell should really be renamed to show most of the time, tell when you need to…but I suppose that’s not pithy enough.

    repetition can be a powerful tool for a writer

    sometimes I think there are too many ‘rules’ for writing. My one rule is do whatever the hell you want….as long as you have a reason for doing it. So it’s not an invitation to write rubbish but being conscientious of what/how you’re writing.

    Or perhaps my one rule is there are no rules…:)

    • Perhaps ‘rules’ is too strong a word! But they did give me something to consider applying to my writing: at least if you’ve thought about them you’ve formed some kind of position on the issue. If you know what you’re doing, then I agree – there are no rules. They say all art moves forward by breaking rules after all…
      Thanks for visiting!

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