Childhood fantasies

I am slightly exhausted today, as we had family staying with us over the weekend, who have a baby and a three year old.

The three year old is obsessed with all things vehicular, particularly cars. Cars are his life: he races toy cars, loves ‘The Fast and the Furious‘ and of course the Pixar film ‘Cars’, and makes very convincing car noises, complete with gear changes and air brakes.

Which made me wonder – are these early obsessions a real indicator of what we will be passionate about in later life?

I don’t recall being completely captivated by any particular area for a long period of time, with the notable exception of reading. My whole family reads widely and eclectically, and I always have too. The more eclectic the better in fact. I love to mix it up so that I can have a Murder Mystery, followed by something on Neurology, a Romance, and then perhaps some Sci-Fi as dessert.

Writing came much later, which seems a tad unusual when I see all the people who have been hoarding scraps of writing since they were knee high. They must have such a wealth of content to dive back into, which I find quite humbling. Personally, I started writing as I had a day off, and thought I would have a go at writing a novel. Why not? I had read some pretty terrible sci-fi (although I have found so many great authors now), and thought that I could probably do better.

I’ve no idea if I succeeded, but it has been a great journey! 🙂

Following my eclectic tastes, the book I’m theoretically working on now is more of a Ghost story, but we’ll see how that goes.

I’d love to hear your stories. Have you always wanted to write? Do you only write in one genre, or several? And did your childhood tastes feed directly into your adult passion?


16 thoughts on “Childhood fantasies

  1. I think for some children they carry things into their adulthood. I however, at one time wanted to be a bus driver because of the big cool steering wheel. Maybe I should of lived out that dream instead, at least I would have a pension and a cool uniform.

  2. I wanted to be an astronomer when I was little. Not an astronaut. An astronomer. Yeah, I was that kid. I only turned to writing because I have no other viable creative outlet for my thoughts. I can’t draw or paint of sculpt. So I write.

    I don’t tether myself to a single genre, but I mostly write in contemporary fantasy or sci-fi. However, my stories rarely steer clear of genre lines. Frequent genre-crossing ensues.

  3. not so sure I’ve always wanted to write but I always have anyway 🙂 I think it also came from reading when I was a kid – reading books like Harriet the Spy, Little House on the Prairie, or Judy Blume books even though the first things I ever started writing were probably inspired more by cartoons

  4. I actually remember (being around 8 years old) telling someone I wanted to be a writer. I do remember writing stories as a kid but never pursued it further…until now – If blogging counts!!

  5. Being a writer has always been a closet desire of mine, but I’ve lacked the confidence to come out and say, “I’m a writer.” Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting–this post ties in nicely with mine, so was glad to find it 🙂

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