Twittering at last

I am launching, well, perhaps edging tentatively is a better description, into the world of Twitter.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions on how not to make a complete fool of myself, they would be most welcome!

My Twitter name is KasiaJames.


5 thoughts on “Twittering at last

  1. Wow, where do you start. It depends on what you want to get out of your twitter experience. You can get lost on there doing, well a load of nothing. I’ve spent hours just reading and responding to tweets and not doing any real writing. I try and limit my time on there now, responding to tweets and messages and tweeting some things but not going mad. Be yourself and join in to what you want to do. I’ve boosted your followers 🙂

    • Thank you Pete! I have no doubt that you can spend hours on there doing nothing much – one of my concerns about joining actually. I know how long I have spent on Colourlovers and on here…when I know I should be writing, or working! I think I’m going to have to ration myself.

    • Hi Sheila, sorry for the delay – I seem to have missed this one somehow! Great link, thank you. I read it with interest, and she has some great advice. Twitter still feels like white noise to me – lots of people shouting into the darkness and hoping someone is listening, but maybe I’m just not attuned correctly yet.
      Thanks for dropping by again!

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