Pangaean dinosaurs & Cover art

I’m proud to announce that renowned artist and illustrator Richard Morden has agreed to design the cover for my upcoming science fiction novel, ‘The Artemis Effect’! I’m really looking forward to what he comes up with – we have been chucking around some ideas of colour palettes, moon imagery and ties to the storyline.

Richard is the author of three children’s books: Ziggy & Zrk and the Meteor of Doom; Peril Space Tours; and Puzzles Down Under.  Some of you may also know him as the illustrator of the Captain Cal series.

I’m sure that he would be happy to consider designing other book covers.

Following on from his recent work preparing a map of Pangaea, Richards latest project is the design of clothing based on his interpretations of Pangaean megafauna, which are available on RedBubble. There is a lovely description given on each dinosaur on the website.

Please note that all of these images are copyright protected.

Hope you like them! Did you choose to do your own cover art, or did you have a professional artist take it on?


2 thoughts on “Pangaean dinosaurs & Cover art

    • Thanks! He’s sweet isn’t he?
      I don’t think my cover will be in this style – it’s more the style he uses for his work on children’s books – but who knows? I am leaving it in his capable hands.

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