Millenium Falcon Bass Guitar

I think that the title of the website where I found this really sums it up: Complete Nerdom.

Millenium Falcon Bass Guitar Complete Nerdom.

Part of me thinks that this is pretty cool – with the other part screaming “Did this guy have nothing better to do?”

You can just never tell where a partiality to science fiction will lead you…next thing you know, you might be making a Discovery 1 clarinet.


3 thoughts on “Millenium Falcon Bass Guitar

    • Well, the link has a video of his playing it, so you can judge for yourself. I’m not sure it would make a lot of difference – the sound is really from the strings and the electronics in an electric bass (unlike an acoustic guitar where it needs to resonate), so perhaps it is OK. But I’m no expert on these things! I just play guitar (badly). 🙂

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