Awesome Blog Content Award

Sheila Hurst has been kind enough to give me the ABC Award – for Awesome Blog Content. I’m really quite humbled, and very very chuffed. I’ve sure many of you know Sheila’s site, but if not, you must check out her gorgeous poetry and photography here.

For the ABC award, Iā€™m supposed to use the alphabet to describe myself and then give the award to six deserving bloggers. I had great trouble with some of the letters and others I had rather too much content, so following in the footsteps of Oscar Wilde, who said:

“Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess,”

here is my alphabetical biography. Some of them, looking back, are somewhat unholy combinations.

Aspiring Australian Author

Brave bibliophile blogger

Calm, creative cook

Dancing designer

Ecclectic & easy going

Fallible & faddish

Guitarist & girlfriend

Hopeful hiker

Independent, interested & inventive

Jam-making jogger

Kiteflying kayaker

Left-wing Landscape Architect


Nerdy novelist

Organized oat-eater

Painting Pilates-enthusiast


Reserved runner

Shy, singing snorkeller

Traveling twitterer

Undefined underdog


Walking Writer & Wyndham fan

Xylophone owner (yes, really), and X-caffeine addict


Zooming along

It was very hard to choose just six bloggers to award this to, but I’d like to give the award to the following people, all of whom I enjoy reading very much:

Nick Rolynd

Neuro Vantage


Robotic rhetoric


Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations


17 thoughts on “Awesome Blog Content Award

    • Thanks! I’m more a xylophone custodian strictly speaking – it’s got ‘Lincolnville Primary School’ written on the side in texta. But as the school doesn’t exist any more…probably finders keepers. šŸ™‚

  1. glad you had a chance to check out Sheila Hurst’s beautiful photos – now you have a second glimpse of New England, once in the flesh and now digitally… congratulations on your award

    • Thank you Sheila! We were actually having a bit of a jam (well, more accurately a noise-making session last night with the xylophone, bass, guitar, and bongos. Fun, if not very tuneful!

  2. Hi Kat!

    Pete Denton also nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award. I wanted to stop by your blog to say hello and offer my congratulations to you on your nomination! Oh Lord – did I do this already? My mind is “blogged.”

    • Hi Robin,
      Congratulations to you also! I confess I haven’t posted the necessary things for the award yet, but I’m trying to get to that very soon. Damn work keeps getting in the way.
      I’ll have to drop by your blog also – thanks for getting in contact. šŸ™‚

      • Work has a pesky way of doing that! It did take some time to put together the acceptance “speech” but the rewards have been great! I have discovered some really cool blogs (like yours) and have acquired quite a few new followers. That wasn’t the point, but a nice side effect. Cheers!

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