I know this isn’t quite my usual fodder, but I did think these guys might have taken the whole sci-fi spin off thing too far…


A little while ago, a food chain in France released burgers based on Star Wars.  I love gimmicks and this is my kind of gimmick: the almost inedible, processed kind with only a slight relation to the original thing they were promoting!

   Personally, I think the “Dark Vador” burger looks pretty neat.  BY THE WAY, fun french fact, it’s spelled Vador instead of Vader because vader would be pronounced va-day in French.  Why they call him dark beats me… because dark does NOT mean dark in french. But they definitely don’t have the “-rth” sound.  Fun trick, make a french person say a bunch of th- words.

I’m very much disappointed in the Jedi Burger, which has 4 extra days of promotion (wtf).  Marshmallows?  Clouds? Don’t know what that white stuff is.  Also, it should be green with a voice chip inside to represent Yoda.  Just sayin. Also, that idea is…

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  1. This looks absolutely disgusting and horrifying…So processed that its not even something recognizable as a food at all…There’s nothing natural in this…Ugh…The heights of Frankenfood artificially-created and concocted in some advertiser’s mind…This is just wrong. On so many levels that I can’t even begin to say…Ugh…This is like eating poison, really. And it doesn’t even look appetizing at all. Who wants to eat a burger that looks like that?! Again, this is just WRONG, on so, so many levels. It sickens me that people would even think of eating something like this, which isn’t even real food, that people would even think of putting something like this into their bodies–ick, ick, ugh…Not that I am a vegetarian, but this is just wrong, and fast food is nothing more than artificially enhanced Frankenfood that has been created and pushed on us, and that is toxic to our bodies, and holds no nutritional value at all whatsoever. This cannot even be called food. There is nothing real in this whatsoever. This actually repels me, rather than making me want to eat it…yuck…nauseating…

    • I’ve never heard the term Frankenfood before – what a great word! I agree it does look rather disgusting.
      Just shows you what happens when marketing goes that one step too far…

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