Dr Who monsters who missed the cut

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A disaster befell our household the other day. The video player (yes – you remember VHS,) finally broke down after 15 years of faithful service. So we’re making the slow and painful transition of recording all our irreplaceable videos to mp4.Β  I’ve heard that it’s the curse of Gen X to always be converting things between formats. It has had the up-side that we have been re-watching our old Dr Whos. These are the ones from the age of Tom Baker – the man who really lived the Dr Who role. They are slower than the modern ones, and in some ways more enjoyable. The stories take place over between four and six half hour episodes, and actually make sense, which is more than can be said of a few of the new ones. There is no CGI, and so the monsters are rather charmingly made of bubble wrap and egg boxes. I think these were the days when Dr. Who didn’t really take itself too seriously.

Anyway, I have been tempted to create a few Dr Who monsters of my own, just for fun. I have stuck to the rules that they need to have an actor inside them, as you will notice a strange propensity for the aliens Dr Who meets to have a basically humanoid form. Enjoy!

An alien crustacean