Flying Cars set to take off

Well, it looks like one of the great predictions of science fiction – the flying car- is about to be realized! Although they look a tad clunky at this stage, two personal flying cars have recently been released. One is more of a helicopter, and the other a plane with fold-away wings.

My apologies for the ad at the start, by the way. it’s only about 20 seconds long, but I can’t figure out how to get rid of it.

Video – Flying Cars set to take off – The Age.


3 thoughts on “Flying Cars set to take off

  1. Hm…. interesting vdeo, but how are they goign to sort out the traffic regulations? It’s alright now as there are so few hybriids, but what will happen when they become more common and can literally rise vertically from a standing start and land in car parking slot… this sounds like good for a few SF stories to me.

    • Yes – you could be right! I think they said that at the moment you could land in ‘as little as a football pitch’, which frankly won’t help much in traffic at present.
      But I always did wonder how the regulations would work – I’m thinking of films like ‘The Fifth Element’ in particular.

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