Sci fi haiku

As some of you lovely people who have been following my journey into the blogosphere may know, the world of poetry is quite new to me. However, I have found that the haiku format does help me to condense impressions and boil them down to their essence, which must surely help my writing.

So please find following a few attempts at some sci-fi haiku. I realise that they are perhaps a little outside the spirit of the medium in terms of being created from the imagination, rather than my personal experience, but I think space travel may remain in the realm of the imagination for most of us for a while yet. 😦

Einstein’s burden

If faint stars’ signals

Held life curious and new

Would time chill yearning?


Golden skies, red dust

Barren, a warrior world

Once water caressed

Space voyager

Safe, contained, constrained

A message in a bottle

Longs for untamed green


9 thoughts on “Sci fi haiku

  1. I love the sci fi haiku idea since they usually seem to be about nature and the things we see. But while observing, we can’t forget to imagine too. I think my favorite is the Space Voyager – not sure why – maybe because I’m longing for some untamed green myself. I’ve also always loved imagining water on Mars.

  2. Liking how the third haiku’s “Longs” echoes and makes me think of Lungs. Singing and talking to each other, the sounds our voices can make, breathing in air on Earth, breathing into each other (like CPR or kissing) are all things that people can easily take for granted. The ironic awareness of Space Voyager is deeply resonating, and hopefully it can make its readers and people on Earth grateful.

    • Thanks so much for these comments. It sounds as if you have thought about these poems much more deeply than I did writing them, but I suppose all poetry is to some extent from the subconcious, rather than the deliberate left brain.

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