Blog on Fire Award

Naomi over at  Writing Between the lines  was kind enough to nominate me for this award. Her blog is great fun if you’d like to visit – very varied, and with a thought provoking Weekly Photo Challenge. I always enjoy visiting.

I understand that I’m supposed to share seven things about myself, and taking Naomi’s lead, I’m going to try and come up with seven ‘hot’ topics!

1) I lived through Black Saturday, when it reached 47 degrees centigrade in Melbourne, and we were hit by some of the worst bushfires we’ve ever seen. I’m still helping (in a small way) some of the effected communities to rebuild, 3 years on. To give you a comparison, that’s hotter than the day I spent in Death Valley, when it only reached 45 degrees C.

2) When I was three, I scared the pants off my parents by rushing into our apartment in tears, screaming “The carrot bit me!”  Wondering what highly toxic thing I had found to eat in the garden, they eventually got me to show them the offending ‘carrot’ – which was a chilli.

3) I once electrocuted myself by touching the control box of an electric kiln with one hand, and the element with the other. I felt the current run right across my chest. What I still can’t understand is why I immediately did it again.

4) I am passionate about environmental issues. The sound I hate the most is the machine the Council use when they are grinding up trees they have just slaughtered.

5) My fire lighting skills are pretty poor. Just can’t seem to stack it right – we have a lovely fire for about 3 minutes, and then only smoke. Just as well I have a partner more talented in this respect, and a gas fire at home.

6) I nearly set the school physics lab on fire once. I was experimenting with hot air balloons, created by stringing a burning dish of methylated spirits underneath a dry cleaning bag. I let one go inside, it drifted up, hit the roof, and set the bag on fire. Exciting class, but I wasn’t the most popular student that day.

7) I sunburnt myself so badly as a teenager that all the skin on my legs blistered slightly, and I was able to peel it off in long strips. You could still see the pores. Biologically fascinating, but rather gross.

So – to nominate some of my fellow bloggers for this award. Please give them a visit! 🙂

Anne Louise Likes – a fun and very stylish selection

Freedom Tights! – reviews and reflections on writing by a fellow Melbournite (I think)

Insatiable Book Sluts – reviews with attitude

Jammasterjamie – a lovely chap who writes a varied and interesting blog

The Artful Desperado – a mix of fascinating and inspirational images

Vanessa Chapman – writer and mum, always entertaining

Robin Coyle – writer with great tips

Mike is Happy. Relatively. – to make you laugh. Clever too.

Rosewinelover – a sci-fi fan with guts

Sabrina Garie – bravely taking on sci-fi heroines one by one at the moment


13 thoughts on “Blog on Fire Award

    • Thanks Naomi! And thank you again for the nomination.
      It was certainly a very interesting feeling, as electrocution is. I once stuck my finger absentmindly into a light socket, which felt just like my finger was grabbed, but the time with the kiln was different. Hard to explain!

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  2. Thanks for the award – I’m going to think about my seven things right now and post them shortly. You, my friend, prove to be more and more interesting every time I read you. Please be more careful around fires and electricity, though – you’re the only Kasia James we’ve got, so we need you to stick around for a while!

    • Thank you Pete! It wasn’t nice, and not something I’d like to repeat, although when the drought comes back it’s certainly not impossible. Being under water is the only way to go – or in a cinema.

  3. Congraulations on the award and than you so much for passing it on to me. You rock Kasia. I will need to think about what to post about me and who to pass it on to. In the meantime, I’ll echo jammasterjamie and morp into mommy mode (I have a 9 year old) and ask you to be more careful around electricity. Yikes. Save that stuff for your writing. Anyway, thanks again, contrats again, and I’ll be hanging out with you on cyberspace.

  4. Thanks Kasia for the nomination. I’m chuffed! Yes I am a Melbournite. I will be sure to do a blog post on this later on today. Gotta get ready for uni!

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