Stargazers dazzled by ‘super moon’

I’ve always been fascinated by the moon, and it is one of the most important (although inanimate) characters in my book, ‘The Artemis Effect’.

So I thought I’d share these gorgeous pictures taken of the moon over the weekend here in Australia. Apparently the moon is especially close at this time of year.

I particularly like the ones with the bat and the wind turbines – how about you?

Stargazers dazzled by ‘super moon’.

UPDATE: Just discovered someone else has been taking lovely pictures of the moon recently, over at Simple Pleasures


12 thoughts on “Stargazers dazzled by ‘super moon’

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  2. Lovely pictures…. you’ll have a chance to see the transit of Venus (when it crosses the face of the Sun) on June 6th in Australia (June 5th in US) depending… but remember to have appropriate eye protection if doing so. Then it won’t be seen again in our lifetimes… so make the most of this opportunity!

    • I think I saw the transit a few years ago – probably about 8 years ago? But it would be good to see again – especially as we now have a solar filter on the telescope!

  3. Some of my friends went out Saturday night and they saw a lot of weirdos. They reckon the full moon brings them out!

    • They’re not called luna-tics for nothing you know!
      Last year in Queensland, our kayak guide reckoned that the fish become more active at full moon too.

    • Thanks Sheila. It’ll get there one day! Final final proofreading at the moment, but renovations are getting in the way at home rather a lot. Hopefully should be able to blog more and finish the book once they are all over and we are settled again.

      • I know the feeling – I was away for a week a while ago and still trying to catch up on everything! Try not to worry too much about it all though – the more revising, the better.

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