Life, Writing and Everything update

Well, having given in and had a good whinge about the lack of time for writing, I had a terrific response with suggestions on how to kick the writing blues.

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who responded, becauset it really has made a difference. I haven’t yet had a chance to put all the suggestions into practice, but I have been seizing more of those half hours, and prioritising my writing more.  Hence,  since that post a couple of weeks ago, I’ve managed to:

  • Usefully edit a short story I wrote a while ago,
  • Write half of a new short story,
  • Start updating my Goodreads status,
  • Written various zombie themed haiku, and submitted them to a publication which was after that type of thing,
  • Investigate other avenues for short story submissions,
  • Started keeping a small notebook, to record ideas and keep a writing ‘to-do’ list (at opposite ends of the notebook, so the practical doesn’t pollute the fanciful),
  • Write a blog post or two, and most importantly
  • Finish the final edit of my novel!

I’m particularly excited about that last item – it’s been such a long slog, and it’s terrific to finally get there.  Just some formatting for e-book, and final tweaks to the cover art, and it will be ready to be released on an unsuspecting world.

So thanks again everyone. I badly needed a kick to get things rolling again, and you were inspirational.


13 thoughts on “Life, Writing and Everything update

  1. Hi Kasia,
    Lets see if this helps. I am nominating you for the Beautiful Blogger award. You can pick up the web badge on my site. A peep nominated me and its helped get me back to the blog. I like doing it but it is one of so many things. Good luck with it and keep writing.

    • Thanks! It’s tantalizingly close after all these years, but I think the final release may have to wait another couple of weeks as we’re about to go on holiday.
      What was your course about?

      • It was about getting focus on ideas and marketing them, but not creative writing. I think more of that is needed for all writers – sometimes writiers’ groups get stuck at the level of feedback and analysing text, and if it’s not constructive or managed well I see less confident but talented people get talked out. Have a great break!

  2. Yay – I’m glad the book will be out soon! I think it also helps to not blog as often. I’ve been doing that mostly so that I’ll concentrate more on the real writing.

    • Sounds like a good tactic to me – is it working? I do love reading your blog though, so please don’t stop entirely!
      The book is so close I could taste it, but we’re about to go on holiday for two weeks, so it may have to wait until after that. Frustrating, but after this long I guess an extra two weeks won’t make too much difference.

      • Thanks Kasia! It has helped so far since there really isn’t much free time. Keeping the posts at one or two per week or less seems to be good enough so far and then on other nights it frees me up to work on the book. Hope you have a great holiday! I’m sure the extra time of letting the book sit and then going back to it after feeling more rested will make it even better.

  3. You, my friend, are a huge inspiration. I’ve taken the notebook idea, and I’ve also decided to carve time ot whenever possible and never procrastinate if possible. All because of our little blog conversations. So, if I ever finish/publish anything, it will be all because of you. =)

    • Surely, it will because of your dedication, not me! It sounds like you’re perhaps even more time poor than I am.
      But the notebook thing is working surprising well so far. I splashed out and got a small Moleskine reporters notebook, and it is genuinely small enough that it can come with me everywhere. Also, as I bump into it all the time, it’s a reminder to think about writing something.
      When you do finish something, I’m very much looking forward to reading it. 🙂

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