Haiku of the Living Dead

Following on from yesterday’s post, I can hardly believe that I’ve also been included in the anthology Haiku of the Living Dead.

It’s a collection of zombie-inspired poetry, in case this was not obvious from the title, and is available on Smashwords, with any profits going to Medecin Sans Frontiers. To cite the blurb:

“Brains, love, death and the apocalypse. The world will turn to the undead and the living have only two options: run or become a meal. But there is so much more to the zombie apocalypse. Like humor, poetry, existentialism and advice on how to live when it’s become an Afterworld of sorts! This is a compilation of zombie haiku written by authors all over the world to leave you craving more.”

Again, I am very proud to have been included in this work, particularly as I am really no kind of expert on zombies or their kind.  Sometimes these things seem to come along like buses, don’t they? Nothing for ages, and then two at once. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Haiku of the Living Dead

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  2. Congratulations! That’s great that the profits will go toward a good cause too. Normally, I wouldn’t expect that from zombies but I don’t know much about them either.

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