Writing every day (or not)

Today, I’m honoured to have written a guest post for Michael Haynes, author of ‘Writing Every Day’. Michael offers discussion of the practice and benefits of writing every day, and also prompts to keep you inspired!

My post, I’m afraid, is a discussion on NOT writing every day, not just to be contrary, but as I find that I’m not able to work that way.Β  I’m well aware that many people do find it a productive and positive discipline.
If you’d like to read it, please pop over to: Write Every Day Blog

Michael Haynes is a U.S. based writer, who has enjoyed writing since his youth and is particularly interested in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. He has had short fiction accepted for publication by Intergalactic Medicine Show, Daily Science Fiction, and Nature among other venues. He is an Associate Editor for the anthology “UFO: Unidentified Funny Objects.” Michael is also the author of ‘Write Every Day – Hints and Tips towards a Daily writing routine’, which is available on Amazon.


4 thoughts on “Writing every day (or not)

    • Thank you! My discipline of practicing my guitar every day has badly, badly slipped too, so maybe this post maybe let’s you into the fact that I can be a bit scatty at times! πŸ™‚

      • Ha. You and me both. I’m gearing up to get back to swimming but I want to be sure before I reactivate my membership that I’ll keep at it. Good luck with your guitar! πŸ™‚

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