A brilliant post from The Writing Blues: so true that without a balanced view of ourselves personally, it is hard for us to take both criticism and praise to develop as writers.

the writing blues

I’ll admit it: my self-confidence has always been a struggle for me. There’re reasons for that but they don’t matter tonight. Besides, you might already know some of them, since some are all too common.

Still, it never occurred to me that my self-confidence – or lack thereof – might impact my writing.

Sometimes I like to just pull one of my writing books down and thumb through it looking for… something. Tonight, I pulled down Writing Begins with the Breath by Laraine Herring. Flipping the pages, I landed on a chapter called simply, “Acceptance.” It got me thinking. A lot.

The author writes,

When you see yourself realistically, you’ll see your writing realistically. If we think we’re perfect, we won’t be able to hear helpful comments from peers on our poetry. If we think everything we do is a disaster, we won’t be able to see the beauty…

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