Flash fiction – Time and Space

Inspired by onehundredthousandwords blog, I thought I’d try my hand at a little bit of flash fiction. This story is inspired by the land around Richmond in Queensland, where they have been finding the most amazing dinosaur bones (Mutaburrasaurus, ichthyosaurs, Giant Turtles etc) for some time.

Please let me know what you think! 🙂

The road to Richmond, Qld.

He was a man steeped in space. Eyes forever focussed on the horizon, he walked with long strides through the short, stiff wheat stalks.
Tha land and the man were united in their minimalism. Long lean limbs, thin topsoil, no unnecessary curves. Fence posts perspective the land like his steps.

Patrolling the expanse one day, the man notices something different in the soil. A punctuation mark on the plain. He squats, the sweat beading on the back of his scorched neck, scratches with a stick.

His broad gaze is intensified as it narrows to the near-at-hand. Fingernails rasp on stone, dirt coats his palms and knees. Unmasked, a giant jawbone lies in the dirt, as unexpected and uncaring as a thunderstorm in the Dry.

A smile bends his thin, hard lips into an uncharacteristic curve, as his eyes return to the horizon. The land’s plentiful gifts: not just space, but time.


6 thoughts on “Flash fiction – Time and Space

    • Oops – thank you! Should be right now.
      We did find bones, although none so big as a jawbone. Pieces or turtle bone, fish scales and a 100 million year old shark’s tooth!

  1. cool — I always hoped in Wyoming to find something from a t-rex in the mountains, Just a few arrowheads. would love to go on an expedition someday. one of my childhood dreams

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