The first (but hopefully not the last) review of my debut novel ‘The Artemis Effect’. I’d love to know if you agree with The Bishop Review’s opinion! Thanks.

The Bishop Review

This novel is by Kasia James. It can be purchased on Amazon, you can reach its page by clicking this.

A couple weeks back, I received an email from an author by the name of Kasia James. In this email, she told me about her new book, The Artemis Effect and requested that I review it. She also sent me a link to its Amazon page where I saw the cover and was blown away. I’m no expert on covers, but this looks pretty amazing in my opinion. The colors and silhouettes are so amazing that I can’t stop using the word amazing. After about ten minutes of staring at the cover, I scrolled down and read the description, which sounded much more interesting that anything I could put into words. So I’m copying and pasting the book’s description with the hope that you too will be amazed by it.


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  1. YAAAAY!

    Kasia, I’m about to feature your cover as today’s awesome book cover on my blog. I would love to ask you something by email, if you’re interested — wita[dot]blog[at]gmail[dot]com. 🙂

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