Today I’ve been granted the chance to write a Guest Post for Indie Writing Blog. It talks about my experiences of book promotion – please pop over and check it out!

Indie Writing Blog

It’s a dirty job…

…but someone’s got to do it. If you’re in Indie author, and the job is promoting your work, then unfortunately that someone is probably you.

In fact, I understand that even if you’re a traditionally published author, then the ball, however distasteful it may be, is still likely to splat into your court, although if the publishers think that it’s likely to be a real money-spinner, then I assume that some help is at hand.

In many ways, asking a writer to leap into the tangled world of spin is as much an anathema to them as it is asking a conservationist to work as a lumberjack. To make a terrible generalisation, writers tend to be introverted people. People who willingly choose to  lock themselves away working alone at a manuscript which may take years to complete, let alone edit, are rarely desperate party animals. Many…

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      • As a fellow introvert, I know what you mean. There’s all kinds of different ways to look at it but like you said it comes down to believing in yourself and your work. I really enjoyed your book and I’m hoping to put a review up soon.

      • Thanks so much for taking the time to read it – I really appreciate it. Please don’t feel compelled to post a superlative review (unless you feel it deserves it of course! ;)). Honesty is genuinely welcome.

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