Today, I’ve been interviewed by Stephanie at Misprinted Pages. So If you’d like to see my soul laid bare, please pop over for a peek!

Misprinted Pages

A couple Fridays ago, I featured a book cover from a new author, Kasia James. She’s also a blogger, and I’ve been following her writing pretty much ever since I started this site. That gave me the perfect opportunity to reach out to her and ask about her experience, her creative process, the pains of self-publishing, and what aspiring writers can learn from it.

Kasia James (author)Misprinted Pages: Is The Artemis Effect your first book? What is it about, in a nutshell?

Kasia James: Yes, it is, although I have a couple more — which are quite different — in the pipeline. The Artemis Effect follows the stories of three groups of people based in America, Australia, and Britain as they struggle to deal with the breakdown of society sparked by mysterious changes to the moon. It’s fast-paced, character-based science fiction.

You’ve been working on this for about 9 years. During…

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  1. This was a wonderful read and so helpful. I have written 3 children’s books that I hope to illustrate and publish some day. It seems so daunting. Excited for you on the baby, it will change your whole world, I know it changed mind.

    • Thank you! I suspect that a formum like Lulu is a better bet than Amazon at the moment for Children’s books, as they take pdfs and print on demand, rather than having to be in Kindle format, which is pretty clunky when it comes to illustrations as yet. having seen your illustrations, I’m sure your books would be spectacular! 🙂
      Thanks also for the good wishes on the baby. Fingers crossed it will change my world for the better!

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