I’m Guest Posting over at Pete Denton’s excellent blog today, talking about how I write, and the process to finish my novel. Please popover and check it out!

Pete Denton

Hello! Pete has kindly asked me to Guest Post today, following his excellent writing series on the question of ‘Planner or Pantser?’

Just to introduce myself – I’m Kasia James, author of the recently released character based science fiction novel, ‘The Artemis Effect‘. If any of you out there follow my blog, you’ll know that this beast has taken me about nine years from the initial thoughts on the sofa to getting it on to Amazon for other people to (hopefully) enjoy, so I’d like to chat about the question at hand in light of that drawn out process.

I should say, first of all, that it certainly wasn’t nine continuous years. There were a lot of breaks in there, which is why I’ve titled this post Pantser or Panzer: my progress was slow, but inexorable, rather like a tank.

When I initially set out to…

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