Today I’m lucky enough to be guest posting over at ‘Lady with Books’ – a little Halloween Flash fiction to get you in the mood of the season. Enjoy!

Lady With Books

I am intensely pleased to welcome my first guest poster. Please give a warm welcome to Kasia James, who was kind enough to lend her writing skills to creating a spooky short story for our Halloween enjoyment.

Celine stood back and admired her new home with pleasure. Even though the suburb was new, with concrete still raw and the trees mere saplings, her house already looked grounded and settled in its new location. A grand old oak tree, once the shelter of sheep, now graced her back garden. Russet leaves tumbled from the branches, coating the shingled roof like a welcoming blanket.

She had found the house about a hundred miles away, and had immediately fallen in love with its stately Victorian lines and pointed gothic windows. The town it had formerly occupied had been abandoned for decades, the swamp creeping closer each year. Celine had bought the house for…

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