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Today, the latest in the series Guest Posts from fellow bloggers on the subject of Passion, whether literary or personal, which I’ll be posting regularly on a Thursday. If you would like to contribute, please drop me a line at kasia_oz (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Today we have a wonderful post from Austin Bishop at The Bishop Review, who blogs his reviews of books (including from Indie authors), film, television series and everything else sci fi! Austin is also a budding writer, and I’d encourage you to check out Bishop Reviews.

Hope you enjoy Austin’s Passion Post.


Passion has almost become a dirty word. You say it and most people automatically think something sexual. It’s not dirty or inappropriate at all and we all have at least one passion. I could write thousands upon thousands of words about my passions, but I fear that I would bore you after a couple thousand words. So I’ll just talk about one of my passions, mostly because I can write so much about it. I love Science Fiction. Crazy, right?

Science Fiction, or Sci-fi, is such a broad term. The film Looper is Sci-fi and yet so is Asimov’s short story collection, I, Robot. I could name a million other works of fiction from film, television and novels, but you probably get the picture. For years different authors have helped to build the genre and it continues to improve and be one of a kind. If I had to pick my favorite Sci-fi series, the one I’m most passionate about, it would be Doctor Who. Now I’ve wanted to make this post pertain mostly to written fiction, but Doctor Who is just that. While it has spent about 50 years on the small television screens in a wide range of nations, it has also been put into some of the most entertaining books I’ve ever read. I think the series is proof of what Science Fiction can be; it can inspire hope and give its readers (or viewers) a sobering look at the dark side of mankind.

Now some might be thinking, “How can you be passionate for a genre when there are so many terrible books out there?” My answer is that I don’t necessarily look at Sci-fi as a genre. I mean you can have Sci-fi comedies, like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and you can have dramas, horrors and many other types of fiction. I look at Sci-fi and see salt and pepper, Sci-fi done right can take a good story of love or pain or anything and turn it into an epic tale. I think bad Science Fiction comes from inexperience and lack of passion. Now, I’m not saying every first time author’s sci-fi novel is bad, that is very far from the truth. What I am saying, though, is with more and more experience come better and better fiction.

Passion is an odd thing, it can make us swoon or make us bury our head into our pillow screaming. My passion for writing has given me many happy moments in life, but sometimes you question your passion. I’ve written several Sci-fi short stories, they’re pretty good too. Not amazing, but they’re OK. Like many writers, I’ve submitted my work for review and publication. Now most writers know what I mean when I say that there is nothing worse than receiving your first rejection. It feels like getting dumped by your significant other as you get hit by a school bus. But this rejection is good as it proves you have passion, true passion, if you persevere though that rejection.

You see what I mean when I said that I have a lot of passions? I started with talking about science-fiction and then moved straight into writing. I’m contemplating stopping right now, but if you’re still reading this, you may still want to read more. So I will continue.

Life isn’t worth living without something you feel passionate for. And don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t be passionate for something because it’s “stupid”. Everything sounds stupid if you think about it hard enough, but don’t let that stop you from loving something. If you have a passion for writing, don’t let co-workers, bosses or teachers tell you that you can’t make it. If you love reading Star Wars or Doctor Who novels then read them. Look, I’ll be honest, the last three books I read were Doctor Who. If anyone asked me what I’ve read, that’s what I’ll tell them. Don’t be ashamed of how nerdy Sci-fi makes you look, it’s because you are nerdy. And nerds are awesome!

Now I want to go back to talking about the broadness of Sci-fi, last topic I promise. Sci-fi is so broad that it can really pull people in from different walks of life. Some people like time travel, and only time travel. Others enjoy the “soft” sci-fi alien invasion. Others enjoy hard sci-fi, complicated fiction that one might have to reread to fully grasp. There’s even more than that, there’s space travel, robots and many more. I think it might just be this broadness that really makes me love science fiction.

So, it seems I’m done here. I hope you enjoyed what I had to say, and if not, I’m sorry you’re still reading this. 😛 Lastly, I’d like to thank Kasia James for asking me to do this. This has been a lot of fun and I hope to do more in the future.

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Twitter: @AuthorABender


5 thoughts on “Literary Passion

  1. A very interesting post, Kasia. Thanks for making it happen. I think what he says about passion is true. Without really caring about something, without having that spark of passion somewhere in your life, it would be hard to make yourself get out of bed each day.

  2. I love sci fi as well because its breadth allows us to explore our world in so many different. ways. I would argue its a genre because we do know it when we see/read it. But Dr. Who is an ideal example, look how much its changed over the years. Still staying true to its Dr. Whoness, while evolving to reflect the world as it changes.

    • I see what you mean. Doctor Who is amazing because it has found a way to keep evolving, yet staying true to the original, at least in some ways. I think that statement can be for Sci-fi as a whole, though. Thanks for reading this. 🙂

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