I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a lovely review from the talented W.E. Linde who writes at The Weathered Journal. Terribly flattered!

The Weathered Journal

PrintThis book is one of few this year that I waited intently for the release, and then purchased as soon as I saw it available. I follow Kasia James’ blog, Writer’s Block, and I had become familiar with her impressive poetry. So as I learned of the plot and impending release of The Artemis Effect, I promptly put it on my To Read list. I wasn’t disappointed. Please note, as always, that this review does not contain spoilers.

The Artemis Effect tells the story of a confounding celestial event that rapidly throws the entire planet into crisis. Although global in scope, the story is told to us across three locations: Australia, England, and the United States. The characters in each location have their personal and environmental struggles as the world they know crumbles around them. The human responses to the growing crisis are unsettlingly realistic, despite the surreal…

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