Rural poetry

Well, it’s going to be a disgusting 41 degrees C here today. Normally we’d head off snorkelling to beat the heat, but that’s rather tricky with a nine week old, (although various options with towing floating rubber rings were discussed ;)), so we’ll be hiding under a cool rock until it all blows over. The rock of choice today is called the IKEA centre.

However, on days like this, I think many Australian’s thoughts turn to our more rural areas, and the threat they face on days like this from the fierce bushfires which ravish our landscape every year. A few years ago, when it reached 47 degrees C, we lost huge areas of forest and bushland, houses, businesses, pets and 173 lives. Although the forest is growing back, and many of the houses have been rebuilt, the scars are long lasting.

In honour of our more rural areas, and also because I have been trying to write a short story with a rural theme, here are a few haiku inspired by a long train trip through the rural landscape of Victoria, Australia. Hope you enjoy them, and keep cool!

In flat khaki fields

Unnatural neon stripe

Sun fires canola




Breeze brings warm hay scent

Young horses prance like schoolgirls

Flicking pony tails





Rust and graffiti

Coat lonely discarded freight cars

Grass furs the bogeys


2 thoughts on “Rural poetry

  1. O M G

    I just CANNOT think about 41 degrees. I would have to sit in a fridge or something. We only tend to have natural fires on the moors and with all the RAIN we seem to have at the moment, even they are less likely. 🙂

  2. Snorkeling with a nine week old does sound like an adventure! I love your pony haiku especially – that made me smile. I’m glad you’re ok and away from the fires – hiding under a rock doesn’t sound so bad.

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