A hard pruning


Sitting under the birches with my baby
Dappled light on his peach-like cheek
I am aware that the gift I must give him
are my immediate potentials and possibles
Time, concentration and creativity: fragile presents
The seeds of all his own potentials and possibilities
Does the dandelion feel her seeds taken by the wind?
Or the birch her leaves tumble each autumn?
I will be hard pruned for a time
though I have some choice where the cut will come
Knowing that some of my seeds will become uniquely fulfilled
The leaves of my time feeding his soil and soul
And hard pruned, I will resprout
more vigorous and stronger.
It may take as long as a tree to grow
but I can wait…
Sitting under the birches with my baby.


2 thoughts on “A hard pruning

  1. lovely – and I think your baby will bask within it.

    My suggestions for your little seedling, love your husband so a child can learn how love is expressed. Wonder at the beauty around you, and laugh from your heart. But I suspect you already do.

    happy watering!

  2. I love this Bill! Great advice that I will take to heart.
    The other terrific thing I heard was to be ‘like the ocean’ – infinite in patience, and as unflappable.

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