Giveaway roundup

I’d like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who entered the Goodreads giveaway of my novel ‘The Artemis Effect’. Paperbacks are now winging their way across the world.

For the record, 1901 people entered, which was way beyond my expectations, and the winners came from five different countries: USA, Canada, India, Greece and Brazil.

Fingers crossed a few of the people who weren’t selected by Goodreads to win a copy will consider reading it anyway. πŸ™‚

To finish, I’d like to share a wonderful mispronunciation I heard the other day at Life Drawing class. They were discussing how a particular model had enacted various poses from great artworks, including Salome, doing her famous dance of the seven veals. I assume this was only topped by her next number, the polka of the eight schnitzels.


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