Are we aliens?

alien-life-1Are we aliens?

If you’re looking for something to change your perspective on things, take the time to read this article. Not only have they found organic life in space, they think that all life on Earth may have originated from space. Curiously, I wrote a short story on this basis a while ago, but now it looks like it might be true after all.

We’re aliens after all. Great thought for a Friday. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Are we aliens?

  1. “The organisms are probably not alive,
    Probably do contain DNA”

    Lots of probably, lots of doubts! So they didn’t even test if they contain DNA and they published their findings? That is BAD SCIENCE by definition.

    27 km above Earth is not outer space. I would have been surprised if we found such organisms between Earth and the Moon, more exciting between Earth and Mars, but not so close to Earth. Besides, we haven’t done experiments at this altitude, and having found some and claiming they are from outer space is too hasty to conclude.

    I do not deny or have the means to confirm what they have found, but such a discovery should be treated with much scepticism and should be subject to huge scientific scrutiny

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