The struggle

is the atheist’s dilemma
So many babbling mouths
and bubbling minds
and stories
So many.
Billions conceived
and inconceivable.
Arrogant insanity
to think one might be special
A bittersweet paradox
One life must be
intricately worked
To pretend purpose
Bare of the comfort
Of a conveniently omniscient God.

2 thoughts on “The struggle

  1. This made me smile because it’s so true. I agree one reason for so many stories is that feeling of insignificance. Everyone wants to feel as if they’re going to live on somehow.

    • That’s true! I was thinking also of people’s life stories – they are just nameless faces to us, but when you really get to know someone (or even if you have known them for years), there are so many surprising things they have done and experienced.

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