Author profile: Gemma Wright

As regular visitors to this corner of the blogosphere will know, I’m featuring some of the wonderful women who have been kind enough to contribute their thoughts, stories and work to ‘The Milk of Female Kindness – An Anthology of Honest Motherhood.‘ Many of you may already know Gemma, who is a regular blogger, and one of the strongest and most delightful people you will ever meet.

Gemma Wright can be found at Wine and Roses from Outer Space, and writes about living with disability and getting on with it. She is married and lives in Essex, but also shares her house with a new tarantula, called Nightshade. She says:

Drinkies“I bought Nightshade to celebrate overcoming lifelong arachnophobia, and not actually as a cure (although many Tarantula owners are extremely arachnophobic when it comes to “true” spiders – fun fact of the day)!  Nightshade is a Chilean Rose of the red variety, and glows like an ember when the sunlight strikes her. ”

Gemma has epilepsy, and also a profoundly autistic teenage son; she was forced to send her son into foster care due to both of their conditions when he was four years old, but she and her husband see him on a regular basis.
The epilepsy (as yet uncontrolled in spite of various medications being tried) has forced Gemma out of her career as a carer to the elderly, but she still wanted to find a way to help people. She decided to use her natural talent for writing to become a blogger and advocate for both epilepsy and autism. She has been filmed by Epilepsy Action (UK) and is one of their official Media Volunteers. Their website ( has lots of support available for people with epilepsy and their friends and families, and news on all the latest research.

I highly recommend a visit to Gemma’s blog, for insightful writing, and the occasional Who-vian adventure.

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