Anthology Block

Ever wondered what it’s like to compile an Anthology? Part 1…

The Brass Rag

kasia headshotToday’s post comes to us from Kasia James, the editor of The Milk of Female Kindness, an anthology on modern motherhood. Her discoveries in the adventure of pulling together an international group of writers on a universal topic make for some interesting reading to anyone hoping to work collaboratively with a diverse group. Enjoy part one – part two coming your way next week.

Halloween 2012 was a life changing day for me. Under fluorescent glow, deep in the cave-like innards of Box Hill hospital, I gave birth to my first child. The next few months shook my world view faster and more completely than travel, work, and all of life’s other ups and downs.

One of the things I discovered, to my irritation and dismay, was the way mothers are treated and portrayed in popular media. I guess we’ve all heard of the loss of identity that…

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