Anthology Block: Part II

Part Two of the story of creating our new Anthology – ‘The Milk of Female Kindness’ 🙂

The Brass Rag

As promised, Kasia’s – part two of Kasia’s guest post. Working with her on the anthology has been a great experience and I’m looking forward to the release. Read on to find out more about pulling together disparate viewpoints into a cohesive, informative, insightful whole…

mofk-cover-front-finalI’ve learnt an enormous amount while putting the Anthology together, not only about motherhood, but about the publishing process.  Thanks to all the wonderful women who have helped me through their essays, poetry, short fiction and artwork, I have a much deeper and more grounded view of motherhood. I’ve also learnt how to coalesce a diverse body of work into a cohesive whole – bringing together pieces so that they chime off one another, or strike a contrast. I’ve learnt about editing, and the legalities of licensing agreements. I’ve also learnt, in my own way, how to conduct and write up an interview.

There were…

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