Hi! It seems like ages since I last posted. That’s partly because life is, as ever, a merry-go-round that’s spinning slightly too fast for comfort. Partly because I’ve been feeling just a tiny bit cynical about the cyber-spin of social media: the flash card life of Twitter, Facebook and even this blog. I’m sure I’ll dive in again soon as whole-heartedly as ever, but for now here’s a few lines I penned on the subject.


Strut upon the stage

of social media

An electronic confection

as flimsy and addictive

as spun sugar.


Masked and blinded

shout into the darkness

Here is my soul

but not my real face –

Desperate for approval


Cyber cocooned

the intangible audience

Each one misled

A galaxy of unfound stars

Wit and thought pulped –

by repetition.

5 thoughts on “Cynicism

  1. I totally feel you. While I still post a lot on both FB and Twitter, the content of what I’m posting has changed. I’m becoming less personal with my posts. For me, part of it is extreme dislike for FB’s methods of skewing whose posts you see. But also, now it seems like a lot of people are putting on a show for Social Media; it’s only the Best of the Best.

    Guess I’m getting a little cynical too. Still, I like using it to post cool or interesting things and staying connected with people I wouldn’t otherwise. In other words, not even close to being weaned off yet.

    PS LOVED this phrase: “…the flash card life of Twitter,..”

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