Chinese space

Returning to the subset of science / sci-fi focussed posts on Writer’s Block, I came across these wonderful Chinese posters, glorifying the Chinese Space program. I understand that the program started in earnest after a satellite was successfully launched in 1970, which continuously broadcast Dongfang hong (东方红, The East is Red), one of the best known Chinese tunes, which eulogizes Mao Zedong. The program stalled during the 1970’s with the Cultural Revolution, and these posters date to that time and the early 80’s.

Rather like traveling, they give you a bewildering glimpse into a different culture, don’t they? I can’t help but wonder if they would have been received more cynically in the West, although of course I don’t know what the reception was within China either. I do love the colour palettes used. Can’t miss the appeal of socks and sandals teamed with a space helmet though! 😉

My thanks to for this information.

4 thoughts on “Chinese space

    • Yes! And it’s not as if the back of the helmet actually neesd to be clear anyway – you only see through the front of the goldfish bowl. Maybe it’s just to show off their haircuts, immaculately preserved inside?

  1. for China and India – it’s a chance to align their cultures irrefutably with the leadership of the world, and I suspect the Chinese military has a keen interest. I’m always reminded of “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” where they lob boulders down on earth in their war of independence. Let’s hope space is a place of peace, instead of the rogues and pirates of the high seas.

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