Guest posts and interviews

If anyone would like to Guest Post here at Writer’s Block, or alternatively like me to Guest Post elsewhere, please drop me a line at kasia_oz(at)hotmail(dot)com.  Thank you!

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Guest Postings at Writer’s Block

Passion and Storytelling – by Annie K. Johnson of Chompasaurus Reviews

A Passion for Small Things – by Sabrina Garie

Literary Passion – by Austin Bishop of The Bishop Review

A Passion for New Worlds – by Matthew Williams of Stories by Williams


Kasia James’ Guest Posts

Write Every Day – Michael Haymes – Kasia James on Not Writing Every Day.

Indie Writing Blog – It’s a Dirty Job…

Pete Denton – Writer – Pantser or Panzer?

Lady with Books – A Little Spook

The Writer’s Shack : Riley’s Blog – An Amazonian Rant

Peanut Butter on the Keyboard – The Milk of Female Kindness

The Brass Rag – Anthology Block I and II


Interviews with Kasia

Misprinted Pages –   Self Publishing is what you make of it

Zachary Jernigan – The Author, in 7 Questions: Kasia James

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