‘The Milk of Female Kindness – an Anthology of Honest Motherhood’

A collection of stories, artwork, poetry, essays and interviews about the real experience of motherhood.


Amazon (currently available)

Createspace (currently available)

The Book Depository (currently available)


Read reviews at:

My Train of Thoughts on…

EllaDee words

Sharon Bonin-Pratt’s Ink Flare

Book Chat

Virtually All Sorts

Garrulous Gwendoline

Dreams and Clouds

Reading Guide for Book Groups available at: Lit Lovers



‘The Artemis Effect ‘

A science fiction novel

Amazon (currently available)

Createspace – paperback (currently available)

The Book Depository – paperback (currently available)

Lulu- hardcover (currently available)

“The Artemis Effect” by Kasia James on Ganxy



Read reviews at:


Small Press Reviews

Sheila Hurst – Reading, Writing, Dreaming

The Weathered Journal – The Writing Home of W.E. Linde

Cat’s Liminal Space – thoughts on reading and writing SF

Pete Denton – Writer

Aroma Bookshelf – A Book review blog

The Brass Rag

The Bishop Review

Robin’s Books

Reviews and Ramblings




‘Haiku of the Living Dead’ – zombie poetry – contributor

Smashwords & Amazon (currently available)




Horror Haiku

Necon Books

‘The Observer‘ – short science fiction story

‘Siren’s Call’ magazine (Issue #2- currently available), and Ether Books (currently available – free)


Space and Time Magazine

‘Perpendicularity’ – short ‘feel good’ story

Ether Books (currently available)

‘Transparency’ – short ‘feel good’ story

Ether Books (currently available – free)

‘Balancing Darkness’ – short horror / sci fi story

Ether Books (currently available – free)

‘Harmony’ – short science fiction story

Luna Station Quarterly (Edition 011, September) – currently available

‘Who’s Watching?’ – short science fiction story

Aphelion Webzine (December Issue)currently available

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