Something about me

Kasia James is the author of many short stories, and a character driven science fiction novel,  ‘The Artemis Effect’. She was also the contributing editor of ‘The Milk of Female Kindness – an Anthology of Honest Motherhood.’ Please check out the ‘Publications’ page for reviews!

When not writing or procrastinating and pretending to write, she also paints, gardens, and works as a Landscape Architect.

She lives in Melbourne, Australia, with a hydrologist, an ankle biter and a big black cat called George.

Camouflaged George

7 thoughts on “Something about me

  1. hi Kasia, just found your blog! Sorry, but I just wanted to check that it was really you who’d sent me the email and not some unscrupulous 3rd party pretending to be you. I don’t mean to flatter myself, but I’ve heard of stranger things happening to artists, etc. so just wanted to be sure! Better safe than sorry! Judith Logan-Farias. Interesting reading, by the way!

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