Galaxy Minstrels

I have for a long time been devoted to a particular sort of chocolate, called the Galaxy Minstrel. For non-Brits, please refer to the picture – they are a bit like giant Smarties.

While enjoying some of these the other day, I was struck by the reason for my devotion, and was inspired to write a poem about it, for better or worse.


A sudden inspiration on a busy street

as refreshing and surprising as lemon juice

spritzed in

so that I understood my unrelenting, faithful devotion

To Galaxy Minstrels

In London, near Christmas

the shop windows frosted

with anticipation.

My just teenage self, departing

on my first foreign adventure

Furtive carpetted footsteps

past private doors, and down

under the fibre optic chandelier

which displayed a delayed rainbow

to the shiny, over-warm, decidedly adult lobby

I do not recall the purchase, just

unfamiliar wrappers and unfamiliar coins.

then away,


with my Minstrels prize

Perfectly formed

to nestle sweetly between

tongue and palette

there to be savoured

like unexpected praise

Crisp chocolate delight

Ordinary to anyone

but me

To whom they taste

Of independence.

Just to give you a final sweet delight, here is a fantastic and ingenious dalek cake. The knobbles on the base are Galaxy Minstrels, sprayed gold.

7 thoughts on “Galaxy Minstrels

  1. I LOVE minstrels. I like to try and crack the outside bit off first without damaging the chocolate inside. It’s quite a skill! Cadbury’s Mini Eggs at Easter provide the same satisfaction.

  2. Hey I never really came around to thank you for featuring my cake. I did have a lot of fun making it and the recipient was delighted too. I absolutely adore Minstrels and are my go to props for anything that uses buttons.

    • It is a fabulous cake! Well done, I must say.
      My cakes never seem to last long enough to get decorated, but just get eaten. That one is so amazing it would be a shame to eat it, although I’m sure it was very tasty.

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